Need help with a Farrow quote

So, long time lurker, first time poster, as people would say.

Me and my husband had a blast with this game so far, but one quote by Farrow is driving us nuts. Simply because, no matter how often we listen to it, we just can’t quite make out what she’s saying.

It’s ranging from “[Say goodbye] to [Cyberdyne!], Jizzwads, it’s Farrow!” and the sample plays when she’s attacking an enemy.

English is a second language for us and we’re usually good at making things out, but here we’ve had to capitulate.


Hey ObviousBear!

I think the line is “Say my name, jizzwads! It’s Farrow!”. That’s how I hear it in the game, at least :slight_smile:

That “jizzwads” sounds realy freaking dirty, mate :slight_smile:

I love farrow, especially her quirk that she has to finish her one-liner before actually shooting at the enemies

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The quote is “Say the name ■■■■-wipe, it’s Farrow!”