A Battlewaiter? Really?

Hi there,
just a little thing: Bearers in the german Version of the game are called “Kellner”, wich is the word for a waiter. Thats not only the worst kind of “google-translaitor” use I’ve ever come across it is also quite ridicilous to go into battle with someone who should bring me coffee…

Change it please or at least make it an option to set the language to english. (Or introduce coffee as a stamina potion so it makes sense to have a frickin waiter follow you around)

Have nice day folks…


Not on XBox… sadly.

All I can do is let them fight with “Broken Glass” for immersiveness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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OR get them the a table leg or bar stool lol. I would say spatula, but that woudl be if the cooks could fight :slight_smile:


Yeah, at least there are silly solutions to this embarrassing problem…

Forgot about those… thanks

When I read the thread title my mind went to something like this scene:

Entertainer = Künstler, which would be an Artist.

Yep, thats another one. What stes them apart though is that while the translation is only half as ridiculous, they make up for it by you just being unable to stop dancing when following you, which is as least twice as annoying.


I also dont get same translated name.

Jaes’Pliis is Jaes’Pliis (yes please)… But for whatever reasons, Barks-at-Moon got translated to “Mondheuler” :smiley: (which is technicaly correct - but it sucks).

Amen! The ability to change the badly translated names of Thralls was my favorite update yet.

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