Need help with menu options

I play on a private server that only shows up when I select PvE on the pre-server list menu, however I did not know that before clicking “Do not ask again” on the menu the last time I logged in. How do I show that menu again?

You don’t need that pop up. Its a window for newbies to get started on the server they’d like to play. It just sets a filter that you have access to at the top. So you can use a drop down menu instead.

For whatever reason, choosing PvE with the dropdown selector doesnt display the server

You’ll need to narrow down the search, do you know anything about the server other than its PVE? Like its name or partial name? You can search for that.

You can also filter by history, though I can’t say that’s always worked for me. When and if you do find the server in the list again, I recommend favoriting it.

The History option has been hit or miss with me, but this is even after searching by name, I’m going to just try a direct join after dming the owner

That’s been my experience too. Good luck with getting it favorited, just keep trying everytime you login. Once you get it fav’d it will always appear at the top when the browser loads. Makes things easier. I’m glad you got the server’s direct login info. This would be a helluva lot frustrating if you were going blind.

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