Nemedian Fence - Doesn't have anti-climb?

Hopefully this is a bug, but the new nemedian building set, the fences do not prevent climbing. You can climb right over them, no damage.

It seems that stable fences lack the same important property.

I haven’t checked since the update but stable fence were working fine before it at least on Xbox

It is a known bug, they are working on.


Isn’t the stable fence like a functional gate? Or do you mean the Lattice wall (Half-Height)?

It’s the kind you stick on foundations for anti climbing.

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Oh yeah, I have never used them, I mistook it for the gate :man_facepalming:.

I just made one, and it doesn’t inflict anti-climb damage. Looking at it, that is probably intentional.

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Good to know, is there a place that they have acknowledged it? Just curious.

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Its was Important they didn’t have it, Same as Lattice. =3

Why is it important?

Cause them spikes are fugly x 99999 and need to be deleted off more items. =p

Also love climbing thru my windows…and not being knocked off…

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I’m not talking about the visual spikes, I’m talking about the fact that you cannot stop climbers with this fence. It does not damage you as it should.

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