Never ending wooooo sound

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After latest siptah update in the game there is a sound like a broken refrigerator. That sound is never ending. No matter where i go i hear it all the time. Maelstrom is not active. That annoying sound makes the game unplayable. Please remove that sound. I have no issue same with exiled lands map.

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  1. Never ending woooooooo sound. Please remove that sound from the game!

Lol, :)))

Was reported during testlive, here:

The sound goes away after the first maelstrom has ended since login.

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I dont have maelstorm active in my single player game.

While waiting for a fix to this bug, there is a quick way to get rid of it.

  1. Make yourself admin by accessing settings-serversettings-makemeadmin(it’s a button in general tab)
  2. After becoming an admin, open your console using the ~ key.
  3. Type in the console dc storm start fast and press enter. This should start the maelstrom.
  4. Then type in the console dc storm stop fast. This should stop the maelstrom.
  5. After the storm stops the humming sound should be gone till your next login. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the tip. But i already tried that one. That tentacle thing appeared after the storm. But that annoying sound didnt finish. I have waited few mins. But that sound is unaccepteble. Gives me hard headache…

This works for me in single player and on official servers. The humming sound stops when the maelstrom starts and doesn’t seem to persist with a new portal opening in the sky.

Yes please fix the loud ambient roar! It aggravates my tinnitus.
It sounds like I’m under one of those Wild Surges no matter where I go.

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I’m one of the wack situation ppl that can’t get back into a server so I had to opt into single player for the time being and can confirm that wooooooooooooooooing sound is there…the whole time.

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The head explodes from this sound.

I’m brainwashed. :mute:

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback, we’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it.

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Thanks. I hope this problem will be fixed asap. I cant play the game because of it :frowning:

4 days passed. It cant be that hard to remove that sound. The game is unplayable with this annoying woooooo sound. I am looking for a fix. Just remove that sound pelease!

Hey there,

This issue has been fixed internally, however it still requires testing and is not currently scheduled to be included in any patch until it passes that process.

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Thanks for information. I am glad someone working for it.

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