New 20-Man PS4 Server to go Live tonight (4/11/19)

Hi guys/gals! I am one of the many newer players who started due to Conan Exiles being the April free PS game. My friends and I quickly realized how much we loved the game, but have constantly dealt with “Server Full” issues, so…

I am opening a new 20-man server tonight (Server name: Riddle of Steel) and would love to invite you to join us in our new world. Most multipliers will be set to 1.0 with the exception of very little. Here are some of the commonly asked about settings:

Platform: Playstation 4

Server Name: Riddle of Steel

Gather Rate: 2.0

PVP Enabled

Drop Items on Death

Catchup Time Enabled

Sandstorm Enabled

Max Clan Size: 5

Building Damage Enabled

I’d love to answer any questions from those interested! Thanks for reading!


ok, im on your server, just started playing, send me a friend request bro, spitlip…ps4…im in australia

all good, but im not a big fan of loosing everything at death, please change that, its just annoying

and how do you start a clan with other players mate

yea i also dont like the drop everything, specially as newcommer in this genre, how many are you on the server already? im kinda still alone… cant find anyone