New and Fresh PvPvE Server - Cimmerian Badlands

So we took the plunge after finding too many servers with, lets say, “dodgy” admins. We have experienced everything from admins passing information such as base locations and activity times, to spawning items for friends and even getting involved in raids after friends have been hit!

We are looking for people to not just play, build and fight but to build a community on the server. We have the intention of adding content to the gaming experience such as Admin ran games involving rewards, competitions and encouraged admin base raiding! Manage to get into the admins base and survive, and all the riches you find are yours to keep!

We also have a number of rules and perks to protect new and existing players such as

  • Pippi Mod offering a new starter bonus pack including armour and tools!

  • No offline base raiding of anyone under Lv40 (40+ you should have it together)

  • No Raiding of anyone more than 30 levels below your highest level person

  • 48 hour raid protection for anyone that has been raided

Anyone interested in a new and different Conan Exiles then please Direct Connect to -

or search for the EU server of Cimmerian Badlands