New Asgard - United | Open to the Public | English Server

New Asgard was started by a few friends that wanted to explore, adventure, fight and build! We worked our way through the map, leveled up, did as much as we could and we’ve settled down in our own built homes mostly hanging out in the server so we decided to open it up to anyone looking for a cool place to chill, build, and kick some exile butt.

Don’t let our level scare you - we’ve had a few people jump in and ask us not to raid them. This isn’t what we are interested in - we are more likely to help you out than we are to get in your way and make your life hell in the server. We want to see you grow, expand, and become a god.

We have no plans to close our server because we have fun in it still, it has become a bit of a hobby. We do plan to host events, have games, and more as we grow the server usage.

We’ve got a great discord filled with like-minded people and we’re keeping your spot warm so hope on over to our discord too: AJRDBHbK2k

Server Settings:

We are PVP - PVP is restricted to Monday/Wednesday/Friday-Sunday.
All other settings are default and visible in the side panel in the server display in-game.

We limited our building to select locations out of the way, so the entire map is open for you to roam and explore. Invite your friends, make a clan, build your empire. :slight_smile:

We hope to see you in New Asgard - United.

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Sounds like a plan :upside_down_face: can you message me with a password, if there is one. And if you’ve got siptah. I have a server for that, if you’d like a play :upside_down_face:

Oh hey! I think you joined our Discord server - we do not require a password for the server, all the server info is in the Discord if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

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I did indeed. I will be jumping on over the weekend :smiling_imp::upside_down_face:

Ya’ll still look’n for members? Warning, I just got hip to this game a week ago. I am a true blue, NEWBY. I play on an XBox1. Hope thats ok? I’m sending my web site: HARMONTHOMAS309@GMAIL.COM. Hope to here from you soon!

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