New Australian Server

Hi all! I have decided to launch an Australian server due to the overwhelming LACK of official servers! Never mind because there were a few options that I felt needed to be tweaked for a slightly more enjoyable rate.

You can join this server by looking for “OFA - [AUS] Relaxed Community”. You should see it in the Oceania section! …it is a PvP server so that you can experience the game in full, however, there are times for PvP - anyone who wants to troll or grief other players, will be swiftly removed and as admin, I’d do my best to ensure the damage is repaired fairly. Nobody gets an advantage, not even me!

If more people wish to join and grow the server, then I am happy to expand the server but, for now we will stick with 20 slots and see who wishes to join.

May Mitra Guide You!