New Boosted PVP server on Xbox

Slightly new after 2 weeks of underpopulation, the alphas (The Dovakiin) and the admin (The Living Gods) cordially invite you to test your mettle as you survive and conquer the exiled lands. The admin as well as they aplhas are here to enhance gameplay not hinder it. The alphas offer newcommer assistance and raid protection until you are established. If you are farmed before having 4 walls and a roof we will retaliated for you. After that you are on your own. We will not raid your base, ever. Unless you give us a good enough reason. In G4 there is a NUETRAL aplha built Newcommer Assistance cabin with gear, food, a blacksmith and an armourer to help you on your way. Take ONLY what you need (we will be watching). Don’t destroy this building (we will be watching). Mid game to endgame, there are strategically placed admin bases around the map specifically designed to be raided. These bases will not be protected by players, ever. With that being said we ask that you try to leave atleast some of the walls intact as it makes it easier for admin to reset the base for future raiding. The faster it’s reset, the sooner you can raid it. Known issues like certain thralls not spawning to get specific racial gear (Grrr Legbiter for Flawless Hyperborean for example, have been placed by hand in numerous places.) Previously thrallable, and post patch unthrallable Emissaries and Ladagaras are now thrallable (preconverted versions have been placed in the map, try to knocked them out and bring them home!) Soon an arena will be built where you can test your mettle in a fair and organised fashion. 1v1 and teamvteam matches during specific event times. Ti join the arena Xbox message the alpha or the admin to sign up, and briefly describe your choice of fights. Separate rewards will be awarded to the champions of the team fights as well as the soloists. Solo champions will be provided with a legendary or crafted epic flawless peice of gear of their choosing. Team champions will be rewarded with 1 legendary purge artisan thrall at random. When the arena event has started contestants will enter the waiting areas naked, and armor and weapons, and yellow lotus potions will be provided. It’s not fair if you can craft epic flawless and your enemy cannot it’s a test of skill in combat. There will be temporary vendors who will provide food and drink(bring your gold and silver!) As well as NUETRAL dancers to sate your appetite for entertainment. Fighting amonst the audience will not be tolerated and violators will be forced to defend themselves from the arena guards. The gaurds will be Ladagaras with sword of Crom. Catapults and explosives or any damage to the arena structure are strictly forbidden. Violators will be temporarily banned in the first offence.

Future events are planned as well, join the server to find out!

Server settings:
Boosted resource and experience gain rate.
Longer days and shorter nights.
Slower decay
Faster thrall conversion
Slightly reduce landclaim radius
40 player maximum (upgrade if necessary)
30 player clan size

Server Name:
Don’t Tell Me How To Spend My Money Mom!

The serve has no password to join so be sure to favorite it as soon as you find it.

Can’t find it? Send a Xbox message to LTD Black Widow for an invite.

Come join The Exiled lands and survive slay and conquer with us!

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Forgot to mention, no loot drop on death! But don’t sleep outside, unconscious body’s are not removed from the game on logout! The admin loves when people sleep outside. You’ll just have to find out what happens, I won’t be spoiling it.

Don’t join this server. After the 60gb music “hotfix” the server was wiped. Admin did not initiate