[XBOX] Recruiting for PvP Official Server

Have you been playing solo and were wiped or raided for no reason? Do you seek revenge or just looking for community and other players to play with? The SkyCrew or Skaikru is here to help you.

Looking for more experienced players such as (SUPER GRINDERS , THRALL HUNTERS, PVP WARRIORS) (war prep) willing to except some newer players depending on your wiliness to learn and understand.

We are a mix group of PvP loving warriors and most important Super Grinders playing a variety of play styles. Looking for like minded active players to live by the code. We sub-out players in clan according to activeness. We have no problem if you need you hop on another server to do some battling and then come back.

Myself have been playing since the release on Conan on PC, now I have shifted my interest to xbox on release and I have endure many a battle and made home on one server. We now have been on here for 8months acting as Sub-Alphas. We been through many great wars lasting months and always recover to stay.

If you want to be part of this then join us!

-We will help you farm and build
-We will defend you against other tribes and clans.
-We are not at war at the moment.
-We will support you and answer your questions
-Learn from the elite to enhance your grind skills.
-Enjoy the freedom to finally hit dungeons that you have never hit before.
-Free Power Kit of Armor, Tools and Weapons.
-One New Fighter Thrall Given.
-Best of all ! We will power lvl you to 60 in one day.

What we ask:
-Have a mic
-Be loyal (!)
-Be active when you can
-Don’t be lazy
-PvP minded

In your comments please provide little info about yourself.

-What is your fav play style or preferences ?
Like are you a grinder, thrall hunter, pvp fighting mostly, or building?

-How long how you been playing?
-Do you enjoy dungeon running?

Any questions? Feel free to send a message!
XBOXGT - RaginTigress