New build of universe Mitra and Asura

hello exile
I first wanted to thank the whole team and the community here present
I found out about you that very recently and I’m sorry about that but as I often say, better late than never.
Currently, I deepen my knowledge of the world of games but especially that of Robert E Howard, as much the film Conan marked my childhood as well as comics but I did not know the entire universe of Conan.
I therefore decided to orient my new construction and play project towards a more historical and more respectful approach to this universe.
So I recently resumed an activity in PvE with a first realization based on the cults of mitra and asura
The first part of the temple of Mitra and practically finished I still have to simplify its environment to better correspond to its doctrine.
I will be very happy to share your knowledge on this subject
Here is some example of the progress of the project

yes there is a statue of set on the wheel and at the entrance of the prison, I try to integrate the rivalry of mitra towards set but I still have to deepen my knowledge on the subject


To be continued

Can be visited on official 3018 Pve