New comer to this forum

Greetings to all… I’m new to this forum…Nice to meet you all…Lets share our thoughts and ideas…


Welcome, greetings, I am Barnes. Just another player, PC and PS4.

My soapbox, as prioritized by emoji
:biohazard: Players want to feel as if Conan Exiles is a finished game. Many, many of my friends and enemies have abandoned this game, and me, with the words “the game’s not what I thought it was.”
:purple_heart: This title is again and again something that transcends gaming, it’s an experience. More people should know about it.
:pray:t2: I am hoping for another Lost Souls event!

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Nice to meet you. I am new to the Forums as well

@Robyrot Love your Avatar, Thawne is the greatest. And welcome. @helana009 as well. I am new to the forum as a member but have been around for a while mostly reading and being in the Conan Exiles community on other platforms. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes he is indeed, love that character

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