New Conan Server - MordFocas - Full PVP - Modded - 1XP 3Harvest

Hi everyone, the server launched today.
Feel free to join us.

Discord link:

Direct Connect to the server: steam://connect/
Connect via Server IP:

Major Server Settings
EU server
Current 60 player slots
Exiled Lands Map
Max Level: 60
24/7 Full PVP ( damage to players and structures enabled)
Clan Size:10 members
XP rates: 1x (Default Rates)
Night time: 1.7 (Just a litte bit more faster)
Harvesting: 3x
Crafting: 0.7
Thrall crafting: 0.2

Better Thralls:

  • The only setting that is enabled is the options to force truncheon. - Multiple followers are disabled.
    Less Building Placement Restrictions:
  • Allow build on places that were not allowed by default.
    Pippi - User & Server Management:
  • This mod is an admin mod to facilitate managing the server.