New DLC building pieces bugs

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Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ xbox series S ]

Bug Description:

There are a few bugs With the new people of the dragon building pieces

Both The crenelated walls and fences don’t do damage and don’t stop people from climbing, they do not do damage and player can climb over it as if they are regular walls

Also the gates that come with the DLC are not possible to cover with ceiling tiles. The same gates are possible to place on the ground without any foundation underneath it(can be placed hovering)

And last one is that all the colours of the horse saddles have become white(e.g. saddles that used to have colours like the yamatai cavalry saddle are now plain white)

Expected Behavior:

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  1. Try to climb over people of the dragon fences and crenelations
    2.try to place a people of the dragon gate on the floor with no foundations underneath it
    3.try to place a ceiling above a people of the dragon gate
  2. Look at a horse saddle
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i think that they are no anti climbing is right ive you use the roof tiles over it you dont can climb in i like the look of it

Hi @montana1 and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The team is aware of this and they are currently looking into it.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.


Thank you for your fast response… I hope i was clear enough in my bug report :slight_smile:

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