New Dungeon Release! No Mans Land

Our Community, “No Mans Land” have teamed up with the savage wilds team and snow hunter to come out with a new dungeon! It has officially been added to the savage wilds map and will release thursday! They have added an entire new area and town including two more dungeons made by them that you don’t want to miss!

You can watch the trailer here.

No Mans Land is a large conan exiles community hosting 8 different servers to meet all players needs. Vanilla and Modded.

We have live kill feeds, Automated leaderboard rankings on discord. Giveaways, Events and many more cool features. The most important thing to us is providing outstanding server quality with active admins and a 24/7 support system. If your looking for a new community to join come check us out!

Our Website
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I have seen several communities over the years and there are some really cool ones out there. I kept looking as I look for things that are exceptional. Low and behold I found myself traveling with a community (NO MANS LAND - NML) and stopped searching as I am found and no longer lost. Knowledgeable, fun and exciting. See you There!

I have not played Conan Exiles long but I know I have found my home. The community is helpful and competitive at the same time. The admins are extremely active and helpful and ensure rules are all enforced to provide a great game playing experience. I have played on the Exiles and Savage servers so far and they offer other servers as well to ensure that all players can play they want to play. They also take any money made from the server and place it back into the game. They paid a Conan programmer to create a custom dungeon that looks amazing and is releasing this weekend on the Savage Wilds server and I can’t wait to try it out and see what the admins do next!!!

I’ve never been one for commenting or taking comments as a reliable source of information; but I have always valued the determination, discipline, & precision it takes to turn something from but a shard of an idea into a magnificent expansive masterpiece like what Icy has done with No Mans Land, to simply sit by and watch those ignorant to this opportunity go by and drown in their ignorance to NML’s existence when I can do and say something, would be disservice.

I now say to YOU, do not give in to the endless night. For though you may lack a place of belonging and sense of purpose, take solace knowing while you have treaded the waters of longing and disappointment through the endless night, you now have end in sight. Come to No Mans Land where you will find not only opportunity in the gauntlet, but a way for the strong and unbreakable to ascend to the leagues of the champions. So now I ask, what say you?

I joined this community a little while back after searching for months for a good server. Been a very pleasant experience so far been on the cluster server as well as the heavier pvp ones. Very active admin been in discord with him many times just to hang around and chat. Look forward to seeing you all over on the servers.


Me and my Clan SkyCrew, have been on a lot of different servers over the years, but ended up on a really toxic PVP server when the Siptah map dropped. The mood on of the server community is REALLY important for a game experince, and never have we experinced a better community then No Mans Land.

The level of organisation and professionalism on their servers is unmatched. The admins are kind and very approcable and accomadating. But most important they promote a good gaming experince amongst players, which results in a GREAT TIME!!! :smiley:

Their community is very much active and their PVE-C play settings is very well balanced and if changes is proposed the community get a vote and a say.

Everyone is welcome here as long as you dont behave like a dick XD So com join us… :wink:

see you on NML servers