New exploit from modded ChistoferoFire on PS4 server

Today I was building my base on server 3596 PS4 Guild Unkown shows up and spams guild join request then they Spawned in a name scorpion that’s destroying my base. This is a PVE server I kill the scorpion hand find out my base belongs to Ckan Unknown. They took everything even my thrall. I was locked out of my base I logged off because I was locked inside no way out. They stacked. Spike traps on top of me so I couldn’t recover my invintory items. Clan Unknown and Chistoferofire should be banned from the game. If your on 3506 do not play until this exploit is stoped he will take everything you have

I am sorry for your loss but this is a known griefing tactic which can be avoided by creating your own clan even if you remain alone in it. This way people like these can’t spam guild requests on you.


Yes create a clan just for yourself so nobody can send you clan invites

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I understand you’re upset about what happened to you, and rightly so. However, you should still follow the Forum Community Guidelines regarding naming and accusing other players.

Narelle and Strider5599 have provided good advice on how to avoid similar issues in the future.

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Here’s the link to the information you’ll need about who to contact and what proof you’ll need to submit for Funcom to start an investigation into Clan Unknown and their players: [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures