New Gorean Themed Server - Land of Gor

If you are seeking quality Gorean themed roleplay, create a character and jump right into a by the book environment. We are not Exiles, we are playing the server as it was the planet Gor itself. Cities are created to represent what you would expect, inhabit one, choose your caste and begin a path of honor. Help us grow as your character develops, make your path legendary, conquer and collar your slaves or begin a family to keep your name alive in the scrolls of history.

What is Gor? Gor is a lifestyle based on a 30+ book series written by John Norman, set on a planet known as Counter Earth, a place where modern weapons and tools are forbidden, strong Masters rule the laws and lands with sword and shields. Women who are not elevated to free status are enslaved, a harsh life of service, when owned by their Masters or Mistresses.

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Land of Gor