New Jungle area or Swamp area access blocked by Barrier

Can’t access the new territory because the barrier is still up. Is it because of level restrictions, if so then what level? Got only two weeks to check it out, should be open in the beta so we can look around. that’s why you put it out for anyway is it and get some feedback. I’d like to scout out a possible build sit but I don’t think i can get there in the time left. Or is this broken also?

It’s locked till final release, for obvious reasons.

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It is on the map, but there is nothing there. If you have a single player game, you can admin into those areas.

Not true there’s nothing there. I’m admined over there on my private game and there’s a lot of flatland and floating items. Some NPCs and MOBs, too, but they don’t have loot/harvest tables yet. The vertical terrain (hills) and items like trees and water won’t be put in a build we can see until May 8th.

If you can fly, you can tag the obelisks, though!