New area of map? Swamp?

I have been playing for a few months now and haven’t visited any of these forums so excuse the repeat post if this is one.

Was wondering about the rest of the map. Mainly above the Jungle. I know that when you enter some instances you appear in the blank area of the map. But is there anything in the works for adding another part of the map right above the jungle.

Think it would be great if there was a swamp like area there. Run off from the snow covered mountains and the jungle biomes. Snakes, croc’s, giant bugs, shalebacks, panthers and bears. Other new creatures. Make less tree’s there then the jungle. You would constantly be in water up to your shins, with drops offs once and a while and some areas of above water ground.



there… there is a giant swamp area there already? did you visit it?

The swangel, yes he pinted that out, he asked for a swamp whit not that mutch forest/djungel!

Maybe. Not obvious from the O P if so. All the things he mention, except perhaps less trees, is there already.

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probably meant a real swamp and not a jungle mangrove not just less tree, quicksand, st elmo fire(which exist ingame already in the sewer dungeon) gloomy atmosphere sunken ruins etc classical fantasy swamp i think that what he meant and i find it a nice idea on paper:p but such area tend to be nice to look at but a harsle to travel or play in

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That is considered the Jungle biome though correct? I was referring to what Oribeth mentioned below. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough in my first post.

Yes classic Fantasy Swamp type.

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A good old “Bog” would be nice. Think never ending story giant tortoise type swamp.

Mounds of the dead almost has a “Bog” look to it, but not quite. And the swamp in the jungle is not exactly "Bog"ish either.

Regardless, I like the jungle, but always want more space on the map.

And put it out at the cost area and ad ships to the system. rafts for the inland…

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Sorry, but the developers have stated that they are not planning on expanding the map.

The top right is used for keeping the dungeons. Other little quirks are just beauty spots :wink:

Did they say how long, because all that means it isn’t in the works yet but could be in due time.

They should expand the map, a large enough expansion could introduce small water craft with some medium sized ones for ship warfare, I mean there are pirates in game so the concept just seems plausible and necessary. It’s just a matter of when the time and funds are there, I think they dismissed the idea because they currently have enough to work on without expanding the map and all its unique content.

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No they are not working on it yet. But sone or later it will come a expantion.

I like this idea.

They stated they don’t have it planned as they settled on what they have now before release. read below;

@Masmassu there’s not much of an expansion possible as I mentioned. However, it is possible to have more dungeons/other worlds type of things.

Such a thing was suggested here: A new map / explore new worlds

Yes not in the Days list but the game are going well so it will come and expantion sometime! Unless the game will crach and die.

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