[Suggestion] Different Biomes

The map is really pretty and all, but it is really a lot of the same thing everywhere. It gets pretty boring pretty fast and makes the map feel small.

Since there is the established concept of “other-worldly storms”, why not have areas of the map where raging blizzards happen causing a tundra and the blizzard itself could come and go like a sandstorm mechanic. There could be storms so strong the very ground rumbles and breaks and lava could emerge. Twisters that spawn like sandstorms that rip through the plains throwing players in their path. An underwater biome, or even player built ships to have bases on water would be fun and new, and worthy of an expansion level feature. Players look for the big and new things when an expansion is announced - that it will feel like an entirely new version of the game. I get that the game is in early access, but in its current state it feels like it would need a lot of changes to feel like an expansion and not some DLC map. A lot could be done with this map to make it a little more interesting and seem a little bit bigger.


And water level rising, making it an underwater biome for an hour or two, poor souls who built on low ground…

Hi Tereasa and welcome to the community! I love hearing other peoples biome concepts and mulling over the possibilities. An Underwater biome concept has been a recurring favourite among many users here on the forum, as with a Caves biome. And the idea of having blizzards in the Frozen North back in the Exiled Lands was quite popular too. I myself was luck that one of my concept biomes actually came to pass in this expansion, in the form of numerous Beaches.

You never know Tereasa, the Isle of Sptah is still only young, and most estimates put it at 75% of the size of the Exiled Lands map. This means that we may just see a few new biomes added to Siptah before its development eventually ceases. Fingers crossed hey.


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