New Map Speculation Thread - Share Your Theories!

With all the fanfare for a new map coming this year, there’s no time like the present to begin speculating what that new map will be. I for one am excited to see all new locations across the world, beyond the Exiled Lands. To kick things off, here’s my personal theory on what I think the map may be/what I want it to be:

Hyperborea, the barbaric ice land.

Dark gods and twisted monstrosities lurk under a dying land, slowly succumbing to the ever encroaching ice walls. A once lush and tropical paradise now is threatened by both the immenent Ice Age, and the constant onslaught of the nordheimers. A land of mighty and ancient stonework; new castles emerge just as quick as the old are razed and left in ruin by the perpetual raiding forces.

Cosmic Horror
Under the shadow of the dead volcano, Voormithadreth, indescribable fiends lurk. Beyond the safety of the crumbling walls, the fearsome Voormis revel in their beastly rituals dedicated to Tsathoggua, the Whisperer in the darkness.

Weaved deep within the mountain lies the web of Atlach-Nacha, connecting our world to that of the realm of dreams. All spiders pay homage to their regent, and the eternal weaving which will conclude with time itself.

Brutal Survival
The cold draws ever closer as the arctic expands it’s icy touch further each day. The cold winds bring with them blizzards unlike that of a sandstorm, which stings your flesh and draws the very breath from your lungs. Remaining exposed to such extreme weather for long would certainly end in death.

Sorcerous Mysteries
A land rife with warriors of untold savagery, and monsters of untold horror can be the perfect place of study for those who walk the line between. Many sorcerors covet the ancient knowledge hidden away by Ubbo-Sathla, which is said to contain the knowledge of the universe itself and beyond.

Evidence behind this

  • Tsathoggua and others are already referenced ingame.
  • Dagon is present, confirming the tie-in with the rest of the Lovecraft Circle
  • Hyperborea while not overly detailed by Robert E Howard, was definitely so by Clark Ashton Smith (Klarkash-Ton), with a lot of direct tie-ins to the works of their mutual friend, H.P. Lovecraft.
  • We don’t have anything belonging to the Hyperboreans ingame besides one set of slaver armor. This seems intentional to me at least, that they’re waiting to release all that content in a large push.
  • Sorcery, while not 100% confirmed to even be happening, would definitely tie-in to such a land.

That’s it for my theory, feel free to add or critique any of it. I’d love to hear what other people think/hope it may be as well, leave your theories here!


I’m hoping for multiple biomes. I like options.

Just no “horror” themes. I hate horror and avoid horror games. Funcom’s “Moons of Madness” sounded interesting until it added the horror part. After that, it was an easy ‘no thank you.’

‘Brutal survival’ sounds interesting (but I hope its more than just an ice land). Maybe a “Land of the Lost” or “Journey to the Center of the Earth” vibe would be cool.

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I am hoping beyond hope for a sea biome, which would allow for unused underwater space to be expanded upon in the future, a limited amount of above-water space that gives the impression of being big by having lots of space between it, and hopefully boats. It just seems like a nice lazy option I could get behind.

I would love whatever the new map is to include sorcery, whether Ubbo-Sathla’s, Akiro’s or someone else’s.

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My two main guesses are either a heretofore unmentioned region of the Exiled Lands, or just like…an island or something? Or maybe a region ringed by impassable mountains, something naturally hemmed in to keep players from leaving without copping out and using an invisible wall. I don’t know.

My own wish thread aside, mostly what I’m expecting from a new map is familiar assets, used in a new terrain in, hopefully, fun and interesting ways so it feels like its own thing. As much as I’d like to see a new map built entirely from the ground up with 100% unique assets, I highly doubt that’s even remotely feasible given the time frame and the other stuff they’ve got going on as well. There will probably be some unique elements, plant resources (even if they still give the same materials), enemies, feats and recipes, but I’d be very (pleasantly) surprised if it was anything more than that.

Which I mean, I’ve said before that I’ve played and mostly enjoyed all the Ark maps (I hated Extinction, yeah I said it), so I’d be perfectly fine with that. As long as I have a big new place to explore and build with plenty of nice scenery to look at, I’ll be happy as a clam.

The Underdark. Huge underground sea. Accessible through pit in the volcano. Level 60 and above only need apply.

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Hollow Earth! Albino lizards, lost civilizations, buried heirs of forbidden empires, dinosaurs, and things that once were men.

From a pragmatic perspective, though, changing up the biome progression would be great. Start in the snow, move through highlands, reach the river, then have jungle as the capstone, with starmetal washing up on the shores of rivers or the inland sea.

i’m starting to wondering if it will be a revamp of the exiles land like parallel universe shenanigan or something beyond the border of the curent one.

I would like to see something related to the end cinematic, maybe make it so you have to leave the exiles land in order to go to the new map ?


My speculation should be accepted as FACT! This is based on years of thorough investigations into the minds of devs and a super secret spy campaign I conducted to get to the bottom of what the new map will be. What I have here is the ACTUAL in game map that will be used, passed to me under a bathroom stall by @Ignasi himself:

Clearly the graphics displayed here will require next gen consoles so I feel I’m just out of luck. I dont know about you, but I was BLOWN AWAY… blown away…


eh, ocean is on the same side, could cover the north east corner x)

I cant wait to take the ol dirt road myself…

I am like, whatever map thingy they do, i will just shut up and shove them MONEYZ.

[Now i do realize thats a bad attitude from me, but i am past caring when i get home from work]


I’m liking this feedback. A lot of people seem to want more underground content, and water. I think it’d be pretty neat to see if they take it in that direction. Underground would certainly open up more high level content, but I personally don’t think the whole map should be high level.

I predict it will have lots of undermesh spots that wont be fixed even after several years.

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Given who is funding it, it might well be east to Khitai.

It’s likely to encompass many biomes with hopefully many races including the ones missing from the existing map.

Hyperboreans would be nice too.

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I understand correctly that the new map will be on separate servers? Or will there be a portal to get there

No idea yet.

Whatever it is, I’d like to see support for warping between different realms sort of like in Witcher 3. That way, there would be no limit to the number of maps as we could then load into different areas. However, that might require clustered servers or some other radical change.

Still though, I’d love it if each of the biomes we have on the original map were about as large as the whole map instead of just being tiny pieces.

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Dungeons are great but … When yous guys go low, I go high. :smiley:

What about a map with a city in the heavens? So that it doesn’t break the current game or way of life, what about if the new map continues at the very peak of the volcano mountain? Sort of like a Mt Olympus of the Hyborian Age. Perhaps there could be true Boss Colossi there, or what if it’s a land of the gods themselves?


I would worry about performance… sometimes when I load I’m alreadY falling thru eternity for a few seconds… being in the clouds could be strange indeed

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