New Missions Coming Soon

Hey all,

With the anniversary celebrations winding down, we figured this was a good opportunity to talk a little bit about upcoming missions, due in the coming weeks. One of these new missions will be a new action sabotage mission set in New Dawn that may help answer a loose thread you encountered in South Africa.

The other missions, which we focused on based on your feedback on the forums, are three Faction Ranking Missions, redesigned for Secret World Legends: Into Darkness, Venetian Missile Crisis, and Rogue Agent!

More details will be available with the official release of these missions, but here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

South Africa:

  • Titled “Public Enemy Number One”
  • Will focus on your mysterious assailant occupying New Dawn with you
  • “Land of the Dawn” achievement will become possible to obtain

Faction Ranking Missions

  • Unlocks at Lv50 and at a certain IP level
  • Completing the missions increases Faction Ranks (11-13, with uniforms)
  • Rewards include:
    • Additional Agent Network mission slot
    • New faction-specific agent (1 for each faction)
    • Faction-specific mask cosmetics (1 for each faction)
  • New Legends & Achievements
  • No Aux weapon. Sorry!

The Faction Ranking Missions are also our first foray into scaling difficulties outside of dungeons and scenarios. You can expect Elite-level requirements to be able to even accept these missions, but as your character grows in power, additional difficulties become available for you to choose from. Increased difficulties net additional rewards.

Finally, please note that all the content in this patch will be free - you won’t need to pay to access these missions or to obtain their rewards.

Okay, that’s about it for now - thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more soon!