New PC Server! Chaos Tide 3XPVP-RP/AoC/EEWA/300 - Exiled Lands + Darklands

Hello! We at Chaos Tide have been playing Conan Exiles off and on for years! We have played many different game styles from territory conquering, to RP, to hardcore PVP. We have taken bits and pieces from what we liked about other servers, and things we didn’t like to try and make something new, a server for everyone. We think we accomplished this with Chaos Tide. We have a small limited ruleset, to keep things simple.
We have Raiding on weekends, we have a RP area which is raid and combat free and quite a sizable portion of the map. We are using amazing and fun mods such as Age of Calamitous, and Extended Endgame Weapons Arsenal, lvl 300 with prestige, Darklands map extension, and a few more to make conan exiles more enjoyable! Come check out our Pippi Market at the Sinkhole or use /warp market!
We have guides posted in our Discord on information on how to learn AoC and EEWA mods, among other things! Please join us at and say hello!

I recently joined this server. Thanks so much for setting this up. This setup is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The mods are great and I love the Dark Lands addition. Also love that raiding is every weekend so I can still have a life and enjoy this game.

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