New player, East US, Looking for PVE server

I got the game for my birthday if Feb but I am just now getting around to playing. I am over 18, male and work during the day. I am looking for a good PVE server in the US. I would like to find another player or two on or near the east coast to join me in learning the game. I am not looking to join a tribe that already has high lvl players because I want to learn the game, not be quickly lvl’d.

thank you

Me and a few others have just started, join official server 3405 if ya wanna run around with us. I just hit 30 there is a few of us from low level to the 30s. Hit me up if you haven’t found a home. DrtyJ is my psn.

Come join my server. I have a dedicated server with 38 slots still open that I started the 15 of may. Its X 3 Xp and X 3 gathering. Its PVE. Server is called Planet of the GODS.

Password is GODS

Still looking for people my psn is ranjore1987