New PvE-C Server looking for more

New Pc Server - Hyborian Adventures [xp modify]
Direct Connest -
Harvest Amount - x2.5
Combat - 24 hr pvp
Raids by Votes Only
Exp - x5.0
Thrall Conversion -x2.0
Idle Thirst - x0.5
Active Thirst - x1.5
Idle Hunger - x0.5
Active Hunger - x1.5
Dawn to Dusk - - x0.5
Short Nights
Resource Respawn - x2.0
Max Clan Size - 5
Community - Relaxed

Active Steam Mods
*PvE Plus Ambush
*The Age of Calamitous

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hem, big imformation missing :smiley: where is this server hosted? europe? US?

Active Hunger and Thirst 1.5? Is not that too fast?