New PVE Private Server (PVE-C at a later date) - Come join!

Hello all,

New player here on xbox, just made a private server because the official landscape is so overcrowded, could’nt stand it over there :slight_smile:

The server is modified in a very balanced way, for those looking for chill playtime ,cool coop, and a bamanced experience for small tribes/clans …join me !

(The pvp is now turned off, if enough players we can start scheduling restricted pvp activity)

Just look for the online Server’s name : H.I.V.E

Have fun !!

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Do yall have a discord? What are the PvP mechanics gonna be, cause im loolong for an RP style server with a heavy PvE leaning side (so just pvp for arenas, assassinations, duels, etc.) No or little raiding

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Congratulations for starting your own server have had our own for years you will enjoy. @Sfirita

Ooof no nudity allowed. Thats gonna cost ya lmfao. Arent you in the EU where full nudity is allowed? Why disable that? Are you 12?