[NEW SERVER.6/19]-Conan Legacy-RP/PvP-Online Raiding

Tired of getting offline raided? Wish you were on a server with active admins and enforced rules? Looking for a server where both RP and PvP can truly exist in harmony?

Come join The Conan Legacy for a one of a kind adventure with our ever-expanding community!

Server Name: Conan Legacy [EventsMature RP.OpenPvP] LAUNCH 6/19
Direct Connection IP:

Our community was founded on the guiding principle that we respect our players and their time investment in our server and community. To that end, we have crafted a server with specific raid windows to allow for both quality PvP and raiding. Our culture is to form an ONLINE RAID META as an alternative to the offline griefing found on most servers.

Raid times are:

Weekdays: 8pm-11pm Central Time, 9pm-12am EST, 6pm-9pm PST

Weekends: 6pm-12am Central Time, 7pm-1am EST, 4pm-10pm PST

Our dedicated server runs on premium hardware and is hosted out of Dallas, Texas. We proudly offer a 70 slot server with no lag.

Still have questions? Come check out our community Discord where you can read our full rule set. Our admins and players are more than happy to answer any questions as welcome you into our community.


In closing, we believe we have truly created something unique with The Conan Legacy and invite you to Forge Your Legacy with us in Conan Exiles!