[PC] The Conan Legacy - RPvP - Dedicated Server - No Wipes - 5x/3x - Admins

Looking for a great gaming community for Conan Exiles? Tired of the toxicity and drama of other servers? Want a chance to be a part of a thriving and long term Conan community?
Check out The Conan Legacy!

Founded on 6/19 and running since then with NO WIPES. It’s not special sauce, just a lot of love :slight_smile:

  • 100% True Dedicated private server, custom installed, awesome machine managed by a Sr. Engineer. Auto backups, patching and restarts.
  • Community and server run events
  • LEO gaming community to keep players together before, during and after they make memories in Conan Exiles
  • Role-playing without unenforceable and silly restrictions. KOS is ALLOWED. Roleplayers & RP clans may apply for “RP Protection” which exempts them from asset damage to bases, and prohibits them from raiding others. RP Protected clans cannot Raid or Be Raided. (A War System is on the horizon to offer Roleplayers a way to wage war.)
  • PvP with a proactively managed meta and raid times that are both challenging and survivable for those of us with real lives. Generous raid windows for CST, EST, PST timezones. Even UK / Norwegian players have good ping here and raiding hours that will work for them.
  • 5x XP Rates, 3x Harvesting Rates to make the game more accessible to those of us with lives outside of Conan.

Our server was founded with the goal in mind of respecting our players time investment and commitment to the game and our server population/ community. As such, we have established what we call the “Online Raid Meta” a culture of raiding that emphasizes quality PvP by restricting base damage to specific times of day & proactively encouraging online PvP culture. Balanced with a 24/7 Open World PvP experience, The Conan Legacy offers the game you know with an experience you’ll LOVE!

If you are looking for a great time to get a head start in a new Conan server, now is your best opportunity!
Check out our server here:
Direct Connection IP:
and Join our ever expanding Discord community for a complete set of server rules and guidelines:


So, you have 70 slot and 15 ppl in clan. Looks good but you are too far from us (server in US).

Good luck!

Good luck to you as well, friend.

Just FYI this dedicated server has a 1gbps uplink and is showing great ping (~90-150) even for the Netherlands players.

Timezone is CST though, and raiding hours are thus built for CST mostly. So that’s a thing.

Anyways, hope you find the server you are looking for!

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