New to the Game, Looking for PS4 Players!

Hey everyone, Im new to the game, have been playing a few days on my own to learn and experience everything, it is quite daunting as there is a lot of stuff to gather, craft and use.

Im on PS4 and I would like to find other players who want to Coop and play together, something fun and relaxing and nothing too competitive. I prefer to explore, build and role play.

Let me know or add me, PSN ID is: Avelier

I play on PvE Server #3509 mostly build and explore what’s left of the map I haven’t already been to, mainly the northwestern part. Not really many people on this server though. If you’re looking for role play, I would look at the private servers. If you do decide to check out 3509 hit me up. My ps4 name is the same as here

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