New Xbox One PvP Server, New players welcome

I’ve set up a new Xbox Server

Server: Conan 24/7 PvP & Clan Wars

I feel like PvP is the only fun way too play, but we have put in a few guidelines to help new players not get steamrolled
1- Wait till Players are Level 60 to raid them
2- Don’t Grief Players
3- If a Player is not in a clan invite them or let them find a clan before raiding

If anyone is being toxic you can report them to me and I’ll take care of it.
Or add me and I’ll teach you what I can
Gamer tag: The 801 Elite

-2x Exp to help Players get leveled and not have to grind.
-Fast thrall conversion to speed up building
-3x Resources Gathering
-Fast Resource respawn
-Plus more


is it still up? anyway i sent you a message on xbox live (my Gt is Faze Kaininn)