New Zath Religion

Hi just would like to know if the new Zath Religion is available for consoles? cause I went to the trainer location and he wasn’t there at least not on my server

Zath the Spider God becomes available with update 2.4


@Lucidique thank you

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Any word on when it will be available?

I’d guess May 27th.

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Cool. Heres hoping you dont need the DLC to have it.

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As far as i know, the god is on both maps, so it is not Siptah specific.

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Check near the giant black spider boss along the cliff edge, near a pillar and deep inside Weaver’s Hollow once 2.4 goes live for consoles.

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Hey there,

Just to confirm, Zath will come with update 2.4. It does not require ownership of Isle of Siptah, although trainers for this religion can be found within Siptah as well.

I have iels of the on my siptah
It so fun to play iels of the siptah

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