Night-Eye is broken

I used to carry a Night-Eye Potion or Night-Stalkers Mask for those times when I would find myself dragging a thrall over rough terrain at night, and Mitra condemns the touch of a torch on ones right hand.

But the last few times I tried a Night-Eye Potion it had the opposite effect. It gets darker! I’m pretty sure it’s broken.

To test, I went into single player and Freeze Time and Freeze Sky when the moon was at its highest. Then I took these screenshots while standing on the beach.

As you can see, night is very dark in the jungle. But somehow Night-Eye makes it worse!

It didn’t used to be like this. I used to drink these all the time. This is new.


Hey @Summer

We’re aware of this issue as it’s been numerously reported since the Mounts update came out. Our team has been working on a fix and it will be released within the next couple of patches.
Thanks for the feedback.


And welcome back from the holidays! We really do miss you and the Funcom team over these longer breaks.

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