Nitrado on Xbox possible?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently using Nitrado on Xbox for Ark. I believe they host servers for Conan Exiles in pc. Would it be possible for Nitrado to host Conan Exiles on Xbox as well in the near future?

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Nitrado says itself that for XBOX you have to get to Microsoft to host servers.

There must have been some kind of misunderstanding, as this actually is not true. Microsoft is not involved in this process (other than allowing our app on their platform, which they already did).

The only thing we would need to offer Conan Exiles servers on Xbox would be Funcom’s permission and the associated server files.

I know players on pc have the choice of different companies to use. I have seen some who prefer gportal and some who prefer Nitrado. As for myself, I switched from being a pc player to console a while back. I play on Xbox & PS4. Having the option to choose which company I use to host a game server would be great. Since I have experience with Nitrado & my Ark server, I would love to be able to continue using them for other games as well.

Giving console players the option to choose between a couple of companies is a win/win for everyone. Players feel they have a choice in server hosts. No matter which company they go with, games requiring an outside server will still be played regardless of who is hosting said server. Options are always good to have.

Gportal seems to be a great company as well. I just know that the Nitrado app has been on Xbox for a while now and seeing they do host Conan Exiles servers on pc, I just thought it would be great if they could host the game on Xbox as well.

Thanks for clarification.

Still wondering about this…