No access to learning new stuff

I have over 100 learning points, but when I try to learn new things, the ‘cost’ is grayed out and does nothing. What does zero mean? It does nothing when I click to add. I have all the prerequisites, but still cannot learn higher tier stuff??

Greetings Revenooer8!
Thank you for reporting the situation regarding your knowledge points.

When attempting to learn a new thing, have you attempted to press the shortcut key ‘‘F’’ to see if it works?

This is a bug in 2.8 as well. Sometimes for some reason(s) learning a new thing doesn’t update the GUI. The solution in 2.8 was to refresh the list by clicking to another category and then back - where it would then show it actually was learned but just not shown as such.

This bug exists in 3.0.X but the behavior is tad different and now sometimes you also have to exit the Knowledge tab all together - even occasionally having to reclick on the ones you want to learn (meaning they weren’t actually learned and it’s no longer just the GUI not updating - like it was in 2.8).

I just now saw this. I will try what you suggested; but while I am here, I have a new game and Im in my high 20’s in level.

I found some dye balls and what to try them. I need the alchemist brazier which has the points grayed out (cant get it) and I see the pre-req is iron tools. HUH? I just mined some iron stone and smelted about 120 iron bars. I made an iron pick and a Yamati club. But I still cant make that brazier. H UH??

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