No dedicated button for checking Decay Timer anymore?

When I started playing again after a long while, I see that the keybindings has been expanded, but I don’t see a button for checking decay timer and ownership without a repair hammer. Before I could just hold the TAB button while looking at a building if I remember correctly, but now I have to use a hammer?
Am I just blind, or did they remove this function?
I hate the thought of having to cut down a tree and pick some fiber just to check a random base I found…

They removed it.

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Just use the hammer mate.

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I’m not carrying a hammer constantly. If I forget it I’ll see a hidden base that I can’t easily check the owner of. Door might be unreachable it they’re smart. I then have to gather basic scrap to make a hammer just to check who I’m dealing with.
I could constantly carry a hammer, but I have a couple times run out with just a fighting kit for revenge and noticed a hidden base while scouting further or tried to follow my attackers.
Now I have to craft hammers to go with my kits to save me backtracking…

It’s not a big preblem… It’s just… it was a good button to have

Agreed. Hammer is also not usable while climbing etc, whereas the Tab interaction was. So it’s a functional downgrade as well as an inconvenience. Not insurmountable by any means, but still.

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