No european oficial servers since today patch

Trying to play but the game updated and now ther not a single european server in all combat modes

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yeah its the same for me. but looking at battlemetrics it looks like servers are running and has players online. im not sure whats wrong. i tried restarting steam AND verify game files. still no luck.

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the online players didn’t get the update yet , got a guy on the server i wanna join that is online for 3 hours so his game didn’t update yet

i guess im out touch the grass or something normaly they are slow fixing anything will be lucky iff they do it befor next monday xD , this guys are a joke as company its impressive how incompetente they are.

lol Can’t wait for the speed hackers to raid me today while i’m offline because my game patched and server hasn’t :smiley:

They fixed it , already working!! Next time teach the trainee how to restart the server after a patch :wink:

nothing yet, my resident server #1022 server not shown on list yet… havent been able to log since patch eihter.

but as always, when I post here, server opens…

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