Steam update successful but I cant log into official servers

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Other
Server type:PvE
Region: America]
Mods?: No ]
Edition: [: Steam

Bug Description:

Steam updated this morning when I logged in. Update is complete and I have verified the files on my computer. I cannot log into my server or any other official America server but still see EU servers as active.



Thank you for your report. Can you share with us the server number you are trying to access?

Thanks in advance.

Same with Asian servers, they are all down.


If you look at invalid servers it also looks like Latan america, oceania and asia along with america are all down

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The recent hotfix for legendary chests was updated to OUR files, but most servers just did a daily reset BEFORE said hotfix and now they are all showing mismatch versions.

#6107 Official US PvE-C Server being one of them.

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Thanks for the additional information.

We already asked the team to take a look. We’ll update this thread once we have any news.


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE-Conflict
Region: America
Mods? : No

Bug Description:

Same bug as others have reported. None of the American official servers appear to be available to play on. At least one of the privates “Toxic Times” also seems to not be available. I tried validating the files, but it didn’t work. There were two error messages. The main one mentioned not being able to log in due to incompatibility.

Steps: Try to log in and it won’t… this was right after the latest update.

Specifically 6445 and 1516… But I am seeing ZERO American servers populating on the official server list.

I can confirm, game sees them as invalid servers. They are up, just an incorrect version.

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We are in contact with G-portal, it seems those servers are experiencing a mismatch from the new build delivered to Steam and MS.

As soon as we hear more we’ll update you guys.


The servers are reseting and the service should be back online shortly.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.


Thats for the quick updates Mayra. :heart_eyes:


Are they staying down for a while or just rebooting again?

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