No frostwolf cubs

No frostwolf cubs spawning anymore. Anyone else got the problem?

Theres a cave in D-10, always spawns 2. I’ve still been able to find them there.

I had suspected something was up, but figured out everyone on the server had gone crazy for them due to the Bazzar skin for this fortnight. So whenever I had actually looked, someone else had already swiped em.

I stayed at the cave D-10 spawn und nothing spawned. I killed all wolves there 4 x

I know PS official servers had them. Although I haven’t been over their since 3.0.3. I’ll have to check it out.

I picked up 2 frost pups from that cave yesterday, everything was fine. This was on my private server (zero mods) so the problem you’re experiencing may be due to high latency or poor server performance on official. I play on Steam platform. :man_shrugging:

Another possibility is the pups have either run out of the cave, in which case they’d be lost in the wilderness, or have spawned in the floor. In either case, a server restart should fix the problem.

Is the white boss wolf spawning in the middle as well? If not, the pups and the boss spawn could be blocked by a building on the cliffside above.

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They only spawn in the north near a cave just below the nordheimers village.

maybe someone build on top of the cave where they spawn , if that is the case it will prevent them from spawning untill the building is either relocated ( ask them nicely ) or removed by admin ( if they don’t comply after asking nicely you can fill a report )

But that would affect the the mom spawning as well, wouldn’t it?

indeed it would affect the mom spawning too , but not the other regular wolves in front and nearby the cave

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