No Golden Lotus Flowers in Volcano anymore..?

I’m on a official PvE server and i just did a round in the Volcano, but not a single Golden Lotus Flower to be found…

Lost a Thrall in Training in the process (how am i ever going to get my base defense up before Chapter II… Sigh), including all its gear, just poof, died and the body vanished into thin air…

Any chance you guys here from Funcom going to overhaul the entire game before launching a new extra content update…?? (sarcasm!!)

I know this wont be answered let alone be solved, i just wanted to complain…

All of the golden lotus was there last time I was on the volcano, which would have been a couple weeks ago.

Perhaps someone else also wanted lotus and got there before you.

Golden lotus has been either missing or invisible, like many other things, on PlayStation for a while now.


Ah, one of those bugs then. In that case, it will probably will be fixed with the other invisibility bugs in the next Chapter.

If you remember the location of the plants, go there and harvest. The lotus is there, but invisible. You’ll still get it.

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Yeah, figured as much, that’s why i put it up here. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

That’s the thing, i never have before, i just came there because i saw it in a video on yt lol. Thanks tho, maybe I’ll watch the video again and go back… :upside_down_face:

You’re quite positive thinking that, but here’s hoping with ya…

I wonder if this is related to the Texture Streaming issues that were mentioned in the Livestream.

if you didn’t know ,AndyB said the Middleware program used by the game to stream textures has been sold to a company that uses a different game engine, so there have been issues resolving the current texture streaming problems.

With all due respect, nobody gives a f… about all those ifs, buts and maybes, we only care about solutions!!!

They were set to a 1 hour decay timer and are alas all rotten and dust now. :sob:

Loool :sob::sob::sob:

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