No more full nudity on official servers? – EU


My friends and I have been playing on an official server (EU) for the past few weeks. A few days ago we noticed that the maximum amount of nudity of the server has been set to ‘none’. Why did this happen? Is this deliberate or some temporary thing? I realy miss running around naked, I hope you can change it back soon.
If someone doesn’t like full nudity, they can always uncheck in in their options in my opinion.

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I too purchased this game because it is rated M. They better not be becoming prudes or babysitters. If this is done on purpose I will gladly take my $59.00 back and they can keep their game!

EU servers still allows it. File it as a bug for whatever server it is.

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Some servers are bugged right now. That’s why some servers have no nudity and battleye is disabled.

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