(PC)Cannot find the "full" icon in nudity option

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
As shown in the picture, the “full” nudity option disappears after the update in April 27th. I wonder what happen and how to fix it.

I have heard that the nudity setting on official servers will depend solely on which country / continent you are in. IF your are a USA official server, NO FULL NUDITY at all. BAH HUMBUG, twerps, et. al. This is total censorship by the US government and is despicable. EU servers will have full nudity, depending on the region and country of course. I have NEVER understood why in America you can show a bloody decapitation and dismembered bodies, but for the love of pete DO NOT SHOW A LITTLE NIPPLE…gasp…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh land of the free humph.

You have to remember, this country (the US) was founded by moral puritans. And somehow, this mentality has remained to an extent.

Not that I like it, either, I just know how it happened.

you are correct, I do remember my history, but I don’t have to like it for now.

hmm im us and have full nudity on pc

Yeah but do you have that option on an official server?

Yes I was talking the "official battle servers in the US, no full nudity only on private $$$$$ servers in US.