Full Nudity Options gone after reinstalling the game

Hi, I am playing the Windows PC version and used to have the full nudity option, after reinstalling the nudity option is gone in the gameplay settings and on the server settings it only goes up to partial. I checked so many times and 100% sure the DLC installed, I even tried creating a new game and still no option to switch to full nudity.

Recheck the local settings after on server and see if they were reset. Also, check by editing the server settings local file directly and not via the game Server Settings. Save that txt file, go in solo and recheck the settings: “…set to either 0, 1, or 2. 0 turns it off completely, 1 shows partial nudity (toplessness) and 2 reveals all.”

Then go and check the Server whilst logged in as Admin. Good luck.

What DLC?
PC has full nudity without any DLC, from steam anyway. I’m not sure about through Microsoft.

You don’t say what kind of a server, Official? Private? or the Single play settings?
If it’s on line and official or a private server not administered by you, the Admin may have altered the setting. I used to play on TestliveUS2 and after an up date FunCom changed the setting from full to none. Without warning or explanation. And were vague when I asked directly. So I moved to TestLiveEU2 and this was before transfers, so I was not happy.

Now for a bit of a workaround trick for single play, go into Conan Exiles \ ConanSandBox \ Saved, and find your Game.db rename it or place it in a Zip folder. then start a new game with full nudity.
Then delete the “New” game.db and replace it with the old one.

If your actually playing on line, and don’t have Single play progress you need to save, just start a new SP game with full Nudity, then go On line and it should be fixed.

If nothing else works…

Lastly you could edit the Game.ini and the serversettings.ini located in:
Conan Exiles \ ConanSandBox \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor

Change the line in Game.ini from NudityLevel=# to NudityLevel=2
And the line in ServerSettings.ini form MaxNudity=# to MaxNudity=2

Hope that puts the right spin on things :wink:

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@droch-aon, who’s the ladies next to you? :star_struck:.
From what i read in here is that PlayStation have nudity issues on US, i don’t know if pc and Xbox suffers the same issues.

So alot of extra Steps being written out on how turn on Nudity… Don’t need edit text files or anything.

There is two Setting.

Server, and in Main Options. One is for Over-All-Nudity. (Which is set by you, or server your logged into)

Other is in Basic Options, which decides what you see. Both need to be Checked to Full Nudity. (Server Setting set 1st)

Its same for PC and Consoles. (minus region version on consoles that don’t have “Full”)

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The way I interpreted the Original Post was that he had already tried the method you outlined.

So for the sake of brevity I skipped those steps and outlined more involved measures.

But thank you for the mention because someone else might not know those steps implied in the Original Post. :slight_smile:


In certain countries the full nudity option is disabled I think. I assume this is not one of those cases.

Hello, take a look on server setting “max nudity allowed on server” it needs to be higher of igual the nudity setting on gameplay options.

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I can confirm that there is no Nudity setting under “Gameplay” anymore for the PC Game pass version. I can only see it in a single player game under server settings. In Canada we only get partial or none. Even on Partial it doesnt work.
Has to be a PC thing. I have no issues with my Xbox, nor my PS4.
I sure hope they fix this come this next update.
And yes. I do like to run around naked. I mean come on. It gets boring staring at Armor …

Yeah, I had it working since I got the game. Lost it after I reinstalled it. Still can’t make it work.

for Microsoft PC version or Gamepass as they call it. There is a DLC to have it for regions where full “Noods” is allowed.

lol, Back in EA we used to farm naked, the weight of armour counted against carry weight
and you couldn’t move at all if encumbered. So it was 1 sword 1 pick and gathering “Au Naturalé”

Thanks for the clarification, I had heard about it but couldn’t remember what it was called.
And didn’t know of the nudity setting status. :wink:

I changed mine in the .ini file to “full” nudity instead of “partial” and it worked. Now whenever my horse is standing around on guard his horsehood is hanging out. Not what I was trying to achieve with the settings. Lol.

I had an issue very similar but I found it works if you start a new game select custom difficulty then activate nudity in the custom settings and then turn it on in character creation.

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can you tell me which .ini file it was? This is for the windows version not the steam version?
I saw it at the DefaultServerSettings.ini but it was already set to =Full

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