Nudity setting completely gone

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: Any
Region: Any?
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

No matter how I try, the setting for the nudity option is completely gone. Like, it’s just non-existent in the settings like it was never there. I have just the main game and the region specific DLC downloaded. The only strange error I get is when it connects to the servers on the main menu it consistently tells me that some of my DLC wont work for some reason. Perhaps the the real issue here? Why?

Expected Behavior:

For the game to function properly.

Steps to Reproduce:

Downloaded and started the game.

Immediately tried to adjust the nudity setting.

Noticed it wasn’t there.


I had a simaler issue when I started my new single player game last knight on Siptah no mater what I did my nudity settings wouldn’t change but I did find a fix in the end. what I did was this-

It will involve starting a new game but when you select game difficulty select custom and set server nudity to full then during character creation select nudity to full again and finish.

This is what I did I hope this helps

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Sounds exactly the same as the issue we have on ps4. The ‘full’ option no longer exists in the drop down box. There is only partial and none. Although for myself, even 'partial does not work, and when selected it does not apply the change.

Hello Croms_Faithful,

you can see the selection in the video at 9:40, between partial and none on PS4pro.
Click: YouTubeLink

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Have you tried verifying the game files? It is working on PC for me. You mention region specific DLCs, which region are we talking about, it might be an issue for a specific area.

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I think Asia does not have full nudity option.

I think, we should pin a tread with full explanation on how to set nudity, and that it has to been set and on server and client side, all that.

It’s a still coming back topic. :rofl:

Yeah it only has those two aforementioned options here. Notice where for maximum for server it says ‘none’ in white writing above the option? I just set it to full mere minutes beforehand. So no nudity at all for us here in Aus.

The game uses always the more restrictive setting. In your picture I can see that the server setting for nudity is ‘none’, thus it does not matter what you choose, you will never get beyond ‘none’.

You’ll need the server setting on ‘full’, then you’ll have the full range of choices (none/partial/full).
With the server setting on ‘partial’ you’ll be able to choose between ‘none’ and ‘partial’, but not ‘full’.
If the server is set to ‘none’, you have no say in the matter and will be stuck at ‘none’.

That’s how the system seems to work, according to my experiments with my own private server. Only setting the server to full nudity allows players to have the full range of choices on their client.

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I think you misread what he was saying. If I’m reading his post right, @Croms_Faithful did set the server setting to full, but for some reason it switched back to none all on it’s own. I’ve had that happen myself on PC in the past. Every time I went into the server settings from the main menu, they would reset to the default “none” setting, which would naturally override my client setting. But it hasn’t happened in a while and unfortunately I don’t recall what I did to fix it, if I did anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the other issue he’s pointing out is that the client settings have been changed so the full option is no longer present at all. The only two options available to him are partial and none, whereas in the past he had all three options.

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The issue with this thread is that console people come here to chime in on a PC thread and it created
some confusion. The nudity on PC works just fine if your region allows it and it is set properly. PS4 lost their full nudity with one of the patches (the one before the last if not mistaken) but this is a completely separate issue and specific to PS4.


Agree, made an additional check right now, and for SP, and on my server where i changed the nudity settings. All is working as intended, on PC.

Consoles are different, and like said, this is the pc tread. :crazy_face:

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