No more Nudity Allowed?

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: {Misc]
Region: US

Started playing this game a few months ago, and always keep the nudity to full, after the last patch no matter where i change the setting to full nudity, or how many times i change it to full nudity, it dosn’t stick. I have even restarted the server and made sure in creation the setting is set to full nudity. The server will say it is set to full nudity, but will still show no nudity. It dosn’t matter, i can not get full nudity to activate. The s

Check your gameplay settings. After the last patch it reset mine to “none” despite our server being set to full.

I’ve noticed that if I have full nudity on a single player game and join a server that has partial or no nudity, then go back to my single player game, the client remembers the setting from that server.