Latest patch has cause nudity issue

Game mode: both
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Hi, since the latest update i have no nudity in my offline or online games. both my offline and my survival server settings allow max nudity but its not working. how can i solve this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Some Settings won’t save, you have to set “full nudity” in main menu. after you started the game check the settings again and change it if necessary.

I have tried that, also tried resetting my configuration for my survival server too nothing changed.

Change the server setting when you’re ingame. i.e. after you’ve logged in. It seems to be getting itself in a knot. I had the client revert to ‘None’ after logging and to make it stick back at ‘Full’, I had to go to the server settings, set that to none then full then set the client back to full.

After the patch, I noticed this, too. For single player/co-op, you need to check two settings. one is from “GamePlay” in Setting, and the other is from “Server Setting” in Setting. you have to change both “Full” in Nudity settings. And then it changes.