No night time for just me on my server

Online PS4
Problem: Bug
Region: US
I play on a GPortal server and I don’t know if this is a game issue or a GPortal issue. All server settings are default (I’m the server owner) I have no night time!

I played all day and never experienced a night cycle. Everyone else on my server experienced night, but my screen always looked like mid-day. No settings were changed. Is this a bug?

Same here, also Gportal server owner and all I got is bright day - not that it matters much but I just want to see the night and figure out where is the problem hidden :sun_with_face:

OK, yesterday I got this sorted.

Gportal servers have day/night cycle turned off by default. All you get is just plain DAY :sunny:

To setup normal day and night, you have to go to basic settings and scroll all the way down and there you have some options that are set to “0”. Set those to “1” (or any other number that suits you) and save + dont forget to stop/run your server before/after doing those changes.

NightTimeSpeedScale = 1
DawnDuskSpeedScale = 1
DayCycleSpeedScale = 1