Server Settings: Making it Forever Dark or Night time

Is there a way we can, config our server so that it is Always Night time and the sun would never come up?

Ideally for it to be automatic and not having to go into the pippi tool itself and change the time of day every time we want it to be night? I would really like to have this setting and be able to do this.

Uh the way I do it is go admin panel set time to dusk and wait a few then freeze time and same for day

I’m looking to do that in the server box or server settings. like gportal or gtx or nitrado. I’d like to have a way to do that without being in game and using the admin panel. I would definitely need to have a team to maintain said darkness 24/7. I don’t think I can put that expectation on anyone.

Ohh well that’s honestly the only thing I know how. @Community might tell you how

The setting that @Gloatingtomb6 is talking about is ‘set it and forget it.’ Two clicks in the admin panel, no team required. It is possible that you will need to set it again each time the server restarts, I don’t know. I personally have never wanted to stop the time of day and sky for more than just a few minutes (to take a picture).

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