No owner and player list

Game mode: [Online | PVEC]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

All buildings appear as No Owner and can’t access player list. By not access meaning can’t scroll period or click on a name. I play on PVE C 3829]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same on official servers

Yesterday i saw a particular case.

With hammer into foundations shows no owner and if you look doors you can read clan name, but it s possible that these people doesn’t connect since before of the last patch (13/03)

Hey there,

We’re aware of both issues and our team is looking into them
Thanks for your feedback.


5 days and no solution? I understand things take time but this is a pain in the butt. I have 6 admins and 1 event manager on my public server,the land shows we own it but our bases show no owner. Although single-player bases are owned, its not showing their name but rather white and sometimes red digits. All of our community builds (wheel of pains, map rooms, merchant/player market, arena, maze run, etc) are all showing ‘no owner’. I disabled decay.

When you go to the player list, you cannot hit the “x” to message the player from the server. You have to add them to your friends list, if you can even remember how to spell their PSN id name, sometimes it doesn’t show their psn id name in that window so your S.O.L. in getting a message to them. Its a nuisance.

Additionally, when you go into admin pane, anything you type in any of the search box stays permanently in the box until you delete it. So if you type in a word then go to the quantity box, you have to delete the text before entering numbers. Its a bit … grrrrrr… when you have to keep hitting that delete button. REALLY annoying when I have to respawn all 15 merchant NPC’s for my trade market each day after my server resets.

Thanks for all you do. I know its not anything you can do. I’m venting-it’s what most of us females do when we’re irritated. All the updates are nice but it seems with every update comes more bugs & issues. Just wanted to voice my issues and concerns and hope this all gets resolved quickly.


Hey there,

Our team is working on a fix for these issues as we speak. We don’t have any estimates yet, but we’re aiming to deploy it as soon as we can on all platforms affected.

You should be able to check or uncheck the box that will tell you whose property you are walking up to that is what I am doing on my server to I’d bases a pain but works. Good luck.

Not sure exactly what you mean? I play on a official server, is this in the settings now?

Sorry I was replying to @Krystm she is on a private server has admin access. Good Day

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