Non boosted pve server (not boosted) EU based

Hi there i have now a month running my server on the ps4 as goal i had first to run it for my livestreams on twitch but after short 24 hours there where more players on it then i had ever watched on my streams. But most of them left because in the begin there was some problems with the connection / server crashes. It seems now to be solved so i post it here :slightly_smiling_face:

Server name: LDS Conan Exiles [NL]
Console: PS4
Game mode: Pve
Slots: 20
Boosted? just official rules.
But crafting speed of thralls and animals is little bit faster then normal. (i donโ€™t want to wait 2 days for one T4 thrall.)
I have on this moment 5 to 8 players who logged in daily so yeah there is a small community going on.

There are some rules like not building near metal spawn, the rules you can read also on our discord server. But be carefull the discord server is not 100% ready.

I hope i see you this week :slight_smile: